In order to support the efforts of companies to develop the health sector in Africa and improve the health situation, ATELIER VITA, organizer of the largest health fair in Africa, will organize under the chairmanship of Professor Houceine El MAAOUNI & Professor Mohamed LAGHZAOUI the Africa Global Health Forum from 12 to 15 May 2022 at the Mohammed VI Exhibition Center in El Jadida. This Forum will bring together all the key players for the development of the health sector in Africa.
The program of these four days: debates and exchanges will deal with different themes related to government policies and strategies, mechanisms to improve the functioning of the sector, the enhancement of the role of public-private partnership and the contribution of technological innovations;

Profile of Visitors :

  • Health care professionals 
  • Clinic managers
  • Specialist Physicians
  • General Practitioners
  • Medical biologists & pharmacists
  • Pharmacists
  • Opticians
  • Biomedical engineers
  • Hospital managers
  • Chemists
  • Physiotherapists & Physical Therapists
  • Medical assisting professions
  • Researchers & academics
  • Managers of public and private health care institutions
  • Managers of Pharmaceutical Laboratories 
  • Decision-makers in the technology industry
  • Manufacturers of Medical and Hospital Equipment
  • Managers of Financial Institutions and Insurance Companies
  • Delegates from NGOs and International Associations
  • Experts in the Health Sector